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Taking Up Painting as a New Hobby

Painting is a wonderful new hobby, it is both creative and relaxing, and can be used as a form of expression. Americans spend on average 5-6 hours a day on leisure activities and hobbies - wouldn’t it be wonderful to have created a work of art in that time? If you want to have a taster of the amazing things you could create, why not pop down to the Melbourne Arts Festival? There are age-specific workshops for those aged 6-13, so why not register today? There is free parking for everyone, and also preferred parking if you are a member of the patron program.

Take up a class
Taking up a regular weekly class is a great way to learn, and you will be able to improve your skills and learn plenty of new techniques. You will also be able to meet lots of like-minded individuals, and discuss ideas. In Melbourne there are numerous places to go for a class; Art More Place (150 East Drive, FL32904) offers great creative classes, as well as the popular “paint and sip.” Painting With a Twist (702 E New Haven Ave FL32901) and Art Abilities (1416 Highland Ave FL935) are also some really supportive places to go and boost your painting and drawing skills.

Carry your sketchbook everywhere
The artist Irwin Greenberg once said “Draw everywhere and all the time. An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached.” To learn to paint, you must be observant, and be able to translate the things that you see onto the page. Take your sketchbook and a pencil with you wherever you go. Get into the habit of drawing regularly, everything from the expressions on people’s faces, to drawing the flowers in your garden. Remember to always draw what you see, not what you think that you see. You can use your sketches as a starting point for your paintings.

Experiment with styles
It is really easy to slip into a niche or the same style when you first learn to paint. Whilst you are learning, try and paint as many different styles as possible, it will really help you to improve your technique and perspective. Look to movements such as pointillism or pop art. Think about how your brushwork and paint application is different in these styles from photorealism, or abstract art. Have fun experimenting, and you will find that your paintings will reflect this joy.

Painting is a wonderful new hobby to express yourself and show your creativity. You can meet new friends, learn new techniques and create beautiful works of art to be proud of.

Lucy Wyndham
Lucy Wyndham is a professional freelance writer, editor and mother of two, who decided to take a step back and work from home after spending a decade working in the finance and health industries.

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